A true bon vivant

passionate about cooking

obsessed with fun!

Santos Antonio Trujillo, AKA Tony, is an expert in cooking and is renowned for FUN! Tony is passionate about cooking and equally passionate about FUN! Trujillo lives to cook and cooks to live!

The host of The Fun Tony Show, lecturer & public speaker, teacher, and top chef, Tony Trujillo is one of the most accomplished young chefs in the industry!

[CIA Trained Culinary Expert]

Tony has been recognized by industry professionals as a top chef. His social media following and explorations in entomophagy have created quire the stir online. Tony has been working with BUGYUM, which is the leading entomological gastronomy brand. The growing bug consumption community in America based around the BUGYUM brand is recognized world wide and is becoming a household name.

While Tony specializes in Mexican & Italian cuisine, Tony often works with Julianne Lilholt on international fusion desserts. Tony works with top chefs, but is down to earth and still enjoys the fun of culinary adventure. Tony has been recognized by critics as being "too fun", or "not taking culinary arts seriously enough". While others might have been insulted by these critiques, Tony embraces the critiques and considers them to be great successes!

The Show

The Fun Tony show is the ULP TV sensation that is sweeping the kitchen. ULP TV is calling this "The most fun you'll have with a food show." The Fun Tony Show is monumentally FUN!

The Chef

Santos Antonio Trujillo is the most fun chef in the world. A CIA Alum who is never glum, Santos, AKA Tony, AKA Fun Tony is the world's best chef, because Fun Tony has the most fun when he prepares the best food!

Fun Tony

FUN TONY is obsessed with fun and passionate about cooking. The only thing more fun than cooking superb food is eating superb food with awesome friends!